System for temporary vehicle rental (cars, bikes, scooters)

In 2018, while creating a system for temporary rental of vehicles (cars, bikes, scooters), we developed a comprehensive solution for monitoring the position of vehicles with an accuracy of a few meters and an update rate of up to 100 000 queries per second.

Thanks to the fully scalable architecture, our system can be used to collect large amounts of data on the location of people, vehicles and surveillance threats.

While working on this system, the idea for something bigger came up! Artificial intelligence that interprets what is happening on the road and provides drivers with the information they need in real time.

We took that idea and turned it into WatchOUT!

WatchOUT! beta version for iOS devices

The beta version of the WatchOUT! app designed for devices with iOS software. Using machine learning, artificial intelligence and image recognition technologies, WatchOUT! enables real-time route and surroundings scanning. It can also alert the driver to difficulties and dangerous situations on the road.

You don't need a device to use it. All you have to do is download the free app on your phone to see what the possibilities of AI technology are.

Conceptual work is already underway to start producing a device that will replace the need to use a phone camera.

WatchOUT! for Android devices

Together with iOS users we want to develop the final version of WatchOUT!. This process will be the starting point for us to create an application for devices with Android software.

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Video recording device (loT) with real-time data analysis

We want users to feel more comfortable with WatchOUT! and free them from the need to use their phone while driving.

A specially designed camera will increase the efficiency of the app, user comfort and enable further software development. It will also provide real-time analysis of the situation on the road, both in front and behind the vehicle.

Planned equipment of the device:

  • 2 cameras that allow better operation both during the day and at night,
  • a fisheye camera to monitor the situation inside and outside the vehicle,
  • a built-in modem that allows you to start the router of the car Wi-Fi and access the wireless Internet,
  • a camera with 24/7 operation, thanks to which the vehicle is protected around the clock in the event of theft or damage,
  • a gyroscope and a very accurate GPS, which allow detailed analysis of driver behavior, not just with video cameras
  • a powerful multi-threaded processor to perform multiple analyzes simultaneously
  • a built-in speaker,
  • audio output and input,
  • multi-thread Bluetooth to connect and communicate with other devices.

Parking spots locator

An additional service available as part of the WatchOUT! app for iOS and Android devices. It makes finding parking spaces in the selected area convenient and hassle-free.

Analysis and improvement of driving style with AI

With the help of a system that uses artificial intelligence, drivers learn what mistakes they make and how they can easily reduce them. It is the only tool of its kind to analyze driving style and refine driving technique.

On the most popular routes in Europe, the user also receives tips on how to take corners more efficiently and information on the G-forces, which enable more efficient power control of the vehicle.

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