Youtuber set fire to a Mercedes S63 AMG worth a quarter of a million dollars. Will polish youtuber Hi_5 do the same?

Oliwer Kotecki
4 min reading

On his Instagram story, Youtuber Hi_5 is standing next to an unidentified car with canisters. Is it the famous Mercedes from the channel Global Motors, which is known for the fact that its owner has constant technical problems from the day of purchase?

It's very interesting video, who can check on this link now:

It's very likely! A Russian Youtuber who had enough problems with the exact same Mercedes model decided to set it on fire. As it turned out, this move paid off big time for him. The film showing the burning S 63 AMG (worth over a quarter of a million dollars) has over 20 million views.

Hi_5 is one of the most famous automotive YouTubers. In his films, he tests and reviews luxury cars. Also, on his channel we can find material about making money and interviews with interesting and controversial people. However, his most popular films are those in which he exposes dishonest car dealers, as well as those in which he analyzes police checks and accidents. Given the subject matter of the episodes and the tendency to address controversial topics, it seems quite likely that Hi_5 will set the car on fire. Will there be another internet hit based on a burning car?

What do you think? Does this Polish infamous Mercedes have a chance of ending its life in flames? Or perhaps this time a car of a different brand deserves such a fate? Which car do you think should be doused with petrol?

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